Tuesday, September 20, 2011

07-Ghost - Quotes


"I swear to God that when we die, we'll die together." -Mikage, kapitel 1

"There is no way God saved me. I am alive because of Mikage." -Teito Klein, kapitel 2

"If you're going to hide a tree, put it in the forest." -Bishop Frau, kapitel 2

"There isn't just one truth out there. Everyone involved carries their own form of the truth." -Bishop Frau, kapitel 2

"Those who serve God will never forsake those who seek salvation nor will we betray them." -Bishop Castor, kapitel 3

"Our jobs are our precious gifts from god. So we've got to do our best. I'm sure that someday you'll find your job, too." -Sister Athena, kapitel 5

"Revenge never does anyone any good. Killing the person you hate will never ease the pain. Always look forward! Follow the path of light!" -Mikage, kapitel 5

"Justice without power means nothing." -Chief of Staff Ayanami, kapitel 8

"Everyone at school always alienated those that were different. I was the center of gossip when I first entered the academy. But Mikage was different. He didn't care about the bad rumors about me. He always looked at me with such clear eyes. He was my only friend." -Teito Klein, kapitel 9

"I used to think that eating was only consuming needed nutrients. I never thought it could fill the emptiness in me." -Teito Klein, kapitel 9

"There are many things in this world that can't be protected simply by thinking of them or praying for them. To protect our lambs from having their dreams stolen and fading into despair, we Bishops bear arms and fight." -Bishop Castor, kapitel 11

"I've always lived in a world of deceit. And amidst the lies, I was able to find my true treasure." -Teito Klein, kapitel 11

"Become strong. Someday you must walk on your own." -Father Fea Kreuz, kapitel 13

"You can never tell a good seed from a bad seed until it blossoms." -Bishop Labrador, kapitel 14

"As long as you keep anything about me within you... Always, my heart will be with you." -Bishop Frau, kapitel 16

"People are strongest when they've got nothing to lose." -Katsuragi, kapitel 24

"We aren't flying away from everyone to leave them but rather so we might see them again someday." -Bishop Frau, kapitel 25

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