Monday, April 16, 2012

Bokura Ga Ita - Quotes

Bokura Ga Ita

"Happiness is hot chocolate on a cold day." -Yamamoto Nana (episode 3)

"One thing I'm especially good at is finding Yano, whenever or wherever he may be. Because he's the one I love." -Takahashi Nana (episode 4)

"I wish I could rewrite my past. If I could, I'd do all I could... If it would stop you from crying. But... that's impossible. My past won't change. That's why... we need to make my past pale in comparison to our present." -Yano Motoharu (episode 8)

"If people could do things over, I wonder if they... would choose a different path to walk down. Would they choose people they encounter and choose the things that made them happy? If they only picked the hings that make them happy, how wonderful would life be?" -Takahashi Nana (episode 12)

"Why do people make promises they won't be able to keep?" -Takahashi Nana (episode 12)

"Do you know how to forget an old love? You find a new love. You should completely immerse yourself in it. if that new love is true, then the old love will naturally become part of the past. It's not that you can fall in love with someone new because you forgot the old...It's because you fall in love with someone new that you are able to forget about the old. Only love can heal a heart that was hurt by love." -Takeuchi Ayaka (episode 15)

"Whatever you do or don't do, you're the one who always makes the decision." -Takeuchi Ayaka (episode 15)

"No one actually knows what's best or what the future holds. Until you actually see the results, no one ever knows. So at the very least, why don't we rely on what we do know. Let's keep the feelings that we have right now precious. Even though it seems like our lives never change, they slowly do. And just like how we never notice... the changing of the seasons... the same goes for our hearts." -Takahashi Nana (episode 19)

"Ever since I've met you... I feel like... I've lived to meet you." Yano Motoharu (episode 26)

"We were all indeed here. We lived here... I came to love him... I loved her... Receiving so many blessings... and a countless number of feelings... Learning each other's strengths and weaknesses... yes... indeed... we were here." -Takahashi Nana and Yano Motoharu (episode 26)

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